DJ/Producer/Darkness extraordinaire. Bringer of the dark on Zenon, Solar and Jaira Records. Azrin has buried himself deep within the psychedelic and techno scene, bursting to the surface with his own fusion of the mind bending, deep, twisted, glitchy, psygressive; and deep, pounding, industrial techno! Having performed all around the world, he breaks the mould with his everlasting energy, versatility and creativity behind the decks, showing the masses how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

With many residencies, international shows and radio appearances, he has transformed into something more distinctive, separating him from the rest! Supporting psy-trance and techno greats such as: Shpongle, Fatali, Ritmo, Quantize, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Neelix, Liquid Soul, Growling Machines, Tsyoshi Suzuki, Vibrasphere, Timelock, Solar Fields, Wrecked Machines, Perfect Stranger, Pick, Tetrameth, Sensient, Henodix, D-Nox, Antix, Fiord, Chris Liebing, Monoloc, Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Oliver Lieb, Radio Slave, Khainz, and many more…

Label Affiliates:
Solar Records, Zenon Records, Jaira Records, Unstable Sounds

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