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    Sydney, Australia
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    DJ · Progressive · Progressive - Techno · Swing · Tech-House · Techno


Ecl1pse is a DJ from Sydney Australia. Starting as a dark psytrance DJ, he soon found beauty in the uplifting positivity of morning & progressive psytrance. After countless festivals such as Strawberry Fields & Eclipse 2012, his style adapted again to that of the great German progressive aficionados behind Spin Twist Records and European heavyweights Iboga Records.

Drawing influence from musicians like Neelix, The Riddler, Vertex, Flowjob, Phaxe & more his style soon began a new metamorphosis, focussing more on the minimal and the intricate arrangements of melodic & progressive techno, with influences from N’to, Worakls, Parquet Records, Boris Brejcha & more.

And so, depending on the mood, the atmosphere, the event and the energy of the crowd, a Ecl1pse set can range from a charging upbeat progressive trance assault, to a minimal and funk-riddled journey through underground techno & progressive.

On this page you will be able to see the journey Ecl1pse has made and how his tastes have evolved.
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