Jeannie, electronic producer, Dj, founder and owner of Solar Records.

Jeannie has had an epic adventure with the Australian psytrance community. She started Djing in Byron Bay and Sydney in the late 90’s. Extending her experience overseas’s to Europe playing in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany, as well as India, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

Jeannie’s unique Dj style has led her though playing full on morning psytrance, to transitional progressive and solid psy-prog. Jeannie adapts to the current new innovative artists styles and laces it throughout her sets finding a balance of deep melodic flowing progressive and the chunkier fat assed bass psytrance. Seeking to find equilibrium of the male and female energy that will help a dance floor rock she uses dash’s of Techno with Progressive Trance and fresh genre styles to appeal to the contemporary and old school ears. Pulling inspiration from her foundation that was tradition morning psytrance she will move her sets around with fun energy to keep the dance floor interested using many flavours but mostly finding inspiration from the dance floor energy itself as the set builds.

Jeannie has been associated with and played at festivals such as Svihov Multimedia Festival (Czech Republic),Beyond Spirit Festival (India), Earthdance (Australia and New Caledonia), Eclipse Festival (Cairns), Subsonic Music Festival (Sydney), DefQon (Sydney), Alien Nation (New Zealand), Illuminate Festival (New Zealand) Dragon Dreaming (ACT), Regens Regrowth Festival (ACT), Petes Ridge Festival (Sydney), Psyfari Festival (NSW), Bent Perception, New Psycle (Newcastle) plus many more.

Jeannie supported international acts such as Zen Mechanics,Grouch, Logica, Hydraglyph, D-Addiction, Major 7, Astrix, Headroom, Sensient, Tetrameth, Fender Bender, Hedflux, Rinkadink, Logica, Hydraglyph, Sensient, Unseen Dimensions,Terrafractyl and more!

Jeannie is inspired by many of these landmark artists and labels to create a funky, melodic, deep, beautiful, chunky and powerful journey with huge drops & a huge smile for the love of everything doof.  She is now also producing her own progressive – psy in the Solar Studios!!

Jeannie and partner Daniel Kryptik also have a side project called “Double Helix” aka “Tha Juke Box Gangsters”. Pumping out chunky sets. These two power houses also     have put on their own festivals such as Organic Elements and the Mayan Prophecy Summer Solsitice Festival.

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Jeannie’s latest

Recorded late 2012.