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Lady 1000 Volts

Since ever, Music has got an important place in Lady1000Volts’ life : playing different instruments (piano, drums, djembé), going to concerts, collecting CD’s…
But it’s in 1996 that she fall in love with Electronic Music, and began to use her sneakers in free and rave parties! Her favourite music types are PsyTrance, Techno, Drum&Bass, Dub, Ambient. Until now, this Techno Vibe didn’t wear off !
In the late 90’s, Lady1000Volts started hanging out with her DJ friends and learned the secret of mixing vinyles (Hardtek & Acidcore). Although successful in mixing, her passion led her to produce musical events in France, taking an active part in different organisations : Transkypet, Melting-Potes, Trance Culture, Caes.
In 2004, She officially joined the Eco6tem crew. Then Lady1000Volts upgraded her style with DJ Sekoya, DJ Garce & DJ Famas, getting benefit of their energetic mix skills and their experience . Shortly after, she played for the first time in the “Selectrance” , a PsyTrance party, and since then, her public never got to rest !

At the same time, she created her own association “1000Volts”(under the 1901st French law) with DJ SEKOYA, wich has several activities :
– Mix and Studio Trainings
– DJ’s Booking
– Parties Organisation
– Flyers and Websites creation
In the beginning of 2007, just before her pacific tour, she joined PeteTheMoon Records! An open-minded music label!
Her tour made her known in different countries : Tahiti, New-Zealand, Australia, New- Caledonia.
In October 2007, she decided to live in Tahiti, to develop Electronic Musics, and mainly, to make people discover and appreciate Psytrance, her favourite one!
You’ll be able to know everything here : 1000VOLTS TAHITI
In the same time she organised a big party in France in February : CRAZY PARTY
While her second trip in New-Caledonia in June 2008, the promoters APAP offered her to be a part of them and to stay with them in their paradisiac country! So, she lives there since October 2008.
As soon as she arrived she has been a popular DJ and played just after CARL COX at STEREOSONIC FESTIVAL. She also begins to set up her own parties : 1000VOLTS NEW- CALEDONIA
A few months after, her DJ’s skills have been recognized when she won the Caledonian DJ Contest : Marathon DJ’s
In the same time, she’s teaching young people how to mix.
From 2011, she has joined SOUNDKRAFT records (Melbourne, Australia) and tey are working together in a compilation, where you’ll be able to listen to tracks from artists who played in the parties she organises!
Now, Lady1000Volts is the only promoter of big outdoor doof in NEW-CALEDONIA.

Bookings : Email Solar Records Artist management

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