Level D

Level D

When you truly love music you can’t live without it. It is with you when you wake, when you sleep and in all that you do. It becomes a central part of your being, an extension of your mind and body. For Level D, this intense, all consuming and sometimes maddening devotion to music brought him to one logical conclusion- he would share his unique songs and sounds in order to inspire the creativity and awakening of others
Level D started his journey into music in his youth and as he mastered instruments such as guitar and keyboard he realised he was able to channel his own sound, thoughts and emotions into the melodies he created. Curious to expand his musical range and knowledge Level D began to explore electronic methods to create new sounds and so, he moved from traditional formats into the world of trance. Over time he felt more at home with electronic mediums but grew restless of the restrictive nature of trance. Slowly but surely he stepped outside of the “norm” and into the world of psytrance>It is now in this world of psytrance that Level D remains, creating far off lands, unique characters and astounding adventures to share with his fellow travellers.
With joyous highs, breathtaking atmospheres, sinister sounds and peculiar characters, Level D will take you to another level and beyond, into another world

Level D‘s