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From a star system many light years away comes Merkaba, a forward thinking and inspiring light being incarnated into human form in Australia. Drawing musical influence from fusion jazz, funk, dub step, techno and break beat, Merkaba skilfully combines these to create his own style of psychedelic progressive trance and an epic dance floor journey of healing and awakening.

Within realms of twisted delicacy and complexity, spiced and layered with a colour wheel of bold structures. The leading influence of the music dynamically spearheads along a forward-moving groove, and there is so much space between the notes that the invitation to internally engage is simply irresistible.

For all the richness in the sound, it is profoundly spare, as well as jam packed with mindful content.

Merkaba’s unique and organic sound challenges us to awaken to the forgotten ancient tribal spirit hidden in our cellular memory and to the infinite power in all of us.

The Merkaba is a vehicle of ascension. A fully activated merkaba field enables tou to turn your body into a ball of light and bring it with you as you travel from one dimensional world to another.

Merkaba has blessed Solar Records with his divine music with a stunning opening track on the debut compilation “Organic Elements”.

Merkaba has released with Zenon Records, and recently creating his own music label “Merkaba Music” to bring forth some truly spectacular sounds from all around the world.