Floating through the atmosphere, unnoticed, a microcosm of particles exists in the space that the human perceives as nothingness. So too, in the macroscopic universe, the human is an infinitely small speck, a particle, a mote.

mote. is the downtempo project of ‘mesq'; a sentient being currently residing in Australia. Already known for the psychedelic trance project ‘Reality Pixie’, mote. is a carefully crafted sonic sculpture inspired by the journey of space dust floating through the atmosphere; with melodies that shimmer like dust glinting in the morning sun and orchestration that lulls you into a sweet melancholia floating on a foundation of detailed glitchy broken-beats and nose-tingling baselines.

The year 2012 saw the debut release ‘Dust Particle’ released on the free music portal Ektoplazm.

In 2013 mote. completed a debut tour of Europe performing at Tangra Festival (Bulgaria), Vibe Festival (Czech Republic), Freqs of Nature (Germany), Fractal Festival (Sweden), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Lost Theory Festival (Croatia), and Bermuda Gathering in (Sweden)

Coming soon to Solar Records – mote. Through Crystal Walls – available in both Stereo and Quadraphonic Surround Sound…

Bookings : Email Solar Records Artist management