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NGARKOTIX is the solo act of a 24 year old DJ named Ngatiwai Hetaraka (a.k.a Nards or Mario in the a.c.t/n.s.w doof scene) hailing from a little town on the Far Psy coast of n.s.w Australia called Eden.
He first got introduced to psytrance back in 2005 by a few mates, he instantly got hooked on the driving basslines and psychedelic sounds so he started to buy cds and going to local party’s nearly every weekend. As Nards got more into it he started mucking around on the decks trying to learn a thing or two and watch a few mates work there magic, but he just couldn’t get the hang of it. over the next few years Nards started to slowly drift away from the doof scene and got into thrash metal, he brought himself a guitar and a set of drums and went to town learning new songs every day and jamming with friends. Not knowing that it was going to help him out with beat matching later on down the track!
 After a few years playing drums and guitar along to his favourite thrash metal bands, Nards started to get bored and thrash just wasn’t cutting it anymore,  the urge to hear them filthy basslines and psychedelic sounds once again was becoming unbearable!!!
 In 2013 Nards thought he’d treat himself to a birthday present, brought himself a ticket to festival called Maitreya and went on a quest back into the  Doof scene listening to all types of music and see what what it was all about. Maitreya really opened his eyes and ears listening to some of the best psytrance in the world!
He found himself that weekend and made the decision that this is what he wanted to do so Nards set  a few goals for himself. over the next year he borrowed a friends decks and practiced every day perfecting his style and finding that sound that gave him the goosebumps. In September 2014 he finally got the chance to play at a doof festival and tick his first goal off the list. The ngarkotix trip began with Just Chillin 2. In November he played at Agartha Awakens and got recognised by Solar Records getting signed as a label Dj thus ticking his major life goal off the list.
Playing progressive psytrance from 135_138 bpm and full on psytrance from 142-145 bpm ,  bringing that headbanging energy to the danclefloor with intense rolling bass-lines with a hint of chunk ,driving leads that get the blood flowing and body moving,vocal samples with small messages and phrases from movies and trippy psycedelic noises that repeats in your head.
Combine all them yummy ingredients with some pin point beat matching, flawless mixing technique and epic drops, Ngarkotix is sure to get the dancefloor stomping into another realm!!!!
Nards is also embarking on learning to produce his own music in the studio!

Bookings : Email Solar Records Artist management