Since 2004, OCO has been creating positive sound waves with powerful instruments that have a voice of their own, guiding the listeners on a musical ritual.
Blending live acoustic and electronic instruments our music is grounded in earthly tribal sounds and world music influences.
Organic sound with psychedelic atmospheres and ambient soundscapes through the use of mostly ancient and shamanic instruments where organic meets digital to create a live tribal ambient music set.

Overtone Singing, Sitar, Didjeridoos, Tempura, Shruti Box, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells, Flutes, Kalimbas, Monocord, Jews Harp, Gongs, Water Drums, Dununs, Udu Drum, Frame Drums, Darbuka, Small Percussions, portuguese guitar and electronic.

OCO are: Alban Hall | Pedro Soares | Rui Martins | Jorge Machado | Sérgio Walgood

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