Reverse is a progressive psytrance project made by Marios Seraidaris, from  Athens, Greece

Marios music involment started from early age with piano lessons at the age of seven.Few years later turned to classical guitar taking lessons for five more years after finally jumping to electric to continue his studies. As a teenager he was already forming rock bands, writing songs and lyrics and performing as a lead el.guitarist and vocalist.

His first touch with electronic dance music was back in 1996 discovering goa trance. The affair was immediate as he was really impressed by the power and energy the style provided but mostly for its melodic nature.The decision to start an electronic music project was taken some years later in 2006.

Under the name “Intense Sanity” made his first release, the project had a more experimental nature.

Later at the time he met a friend with common interest in music and started a new duo project under the name “Progenitor”. The success was immediate and caused the interest of many major labels.

After a complete length album and some important releases a need for something new that would allow him to act individual made Marios to start a new solo project under the name “Reverse”.

Meanwhile trying to get more involved to electronic music in a more techical approach he went get back to school to study and graduate with an audio engineering diploma from SAE.

Both his of his projects Reverse and Progenitor performed in many events worldwide.

Since then Reverse counts a full length album two ep’s and various other releases in some of the scene’s top labels.

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