Ridge Back

Ridge Back

Shaun Talbert, aka Ridge Back is a psy-trance Dj, producer and promoter who has quickly climbed the ranks of the N.S.W. Psy-trance community. Ridge Back has a full on psy-trance rhythm with chunky melodic break downs but equally relishes the chance to play the more powerful night Psy.

Shaun also being an Ableton specialist not only performs lively sets, but also teaches his production and Dj skills with the well known Dj Warehouse. As a promoter Shaun holds regular parties under the successful moniker ALL FOR ONE. Having venues in Sydney and Melbourne he brings together multiple genres from all facets of the electronic music scene with progressive, psy, dark psy, minimal tech, dub-step and more.

Recently, artists to have appeared at his parties include: Tristan Boyle, Mr. Peculiar, Hyperception, Terrafractyl, Autonomech, Reality Pixie, Alex UP, Jeannie, Sinister Sequence, G.M.S, Michele Adamson, Serotone, Stevo, 50 Papers, Msg, Fabeta, Felipe, Shades of Gray, Dylan Griffin, Child, Imperial, Scott Richardson just to name a few…

Look out for All For One and Ridge Back with his debut single on R.E.G.E.N Records in 2010.

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