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    ARTIST · Progressive · Tech-House


Since the early 2000’s Sorceress has graced the decks lifting dance floors with her tribal tech beats, angel-like melodies & infectious smile. She has become something of an inspiration amongst young female DJs, working as a festival organizer, DJ & now a producer in an industry that has been predominantly male. She’s performed along side various touring artists like techno godfathers Peter Juergens, Atmos, Perfect Stranger, Dosem, Christian Smith & Citizen Kain to name just a few. 2011 saw her take the crown for the Pioneer Pro Dj Search with massive support from the EDM. Performances at many respected festivals have followed with highlights including opening for Rainbow Serpent 2014, warming up for Marc Dosem at the 2015 Maitreya Festival, headlining The Half Moon Festival Thailand, multiple appearances at Subsonic Music Festival, the 2012 Cairns Eclipse, Wide Open Space Alice Springs, Manifest & Winter Solstice QLD, Fractangular Tasmania & many more.

As a solo artist, SORCERESS has refined her style consisting of intricate rhythms & soaring melodies with a soulful & uplifting edge. Production wise mixes deep tech house with her Sorceress & Marta Kodo collaboration, & upcoming side project (Pastel Tones) consisting of a more eclectic style. Her sassy, sexy & sorcery spells take you on a sound journey designed to bring the dance floor to new levels, as she glides & weaves her well recognized magic, energizing dance floors wherever she spins her craft.

Check out some of her Sorcy mixes & her production releases including extended play ‘It Has Begun’ also featuring ‘Spex Appeal’ via Avioground Milan, single ‘Fader Love’ with LuPS Amsterdam & stay tuned for her upcoming release ‘Cala Vadella.’ Get ready to rock it on the dance floor to her soulful tech sounds, or relax to her soothing more deeper house styled sets & may the Sorceress be with you!

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