Triforce, a progressive psytrance project consisting of Sydney partners/producers Charlotte Lohmann and Ryan Smith.

Triforce are deeply inspired by the the unified sacred science of the Ancients & pour this inspiration into their music with deep intent for spiritual transformation & profound interconnectedness. Triforce aim to unify the dualistic masculine & feminane energies of the universe, in a world driven exploration of psychedelic electronic music.

Ryan’s diverse background as a jazz, metal guitarist and Charlotte’s experience as a jazz, soul pianist and vocalist is displayed within their music in the form of unique ethnic riffing, charlottes ethereal vocal melodies and driving psychedelic bass lines. Charlottes Indian & Ryan’s Irish heritage has inspired the exploration of trancedental esque timbres from both Eastern & Western traditions which helps transmit the message of unity and compassion embedded within the music.

Triforce have been bringing their live set to bush doofs all over Australia hoping to help participants transform through ecstatic dance & deep contemplation. Triforce also provide inquisitive art installations & 3d mapping services through their collective Light Through Smoke as well as dabbling in the world of fractal animation & 3d printing.

Bookings : Email Solar Records Artist management