Tristan Boyle


Tristan Boyle started his musical career on recorder in primary school. During the following years he learnt piano, alto sax, classical and jazz theory. In 1998 his first track was performed, and in 2002 two tracks were released on Melbourne record labels, GreenAnt and Tribeadellic. Tristan’s influences include Infected Mushroom, Simon Posford, the Melbourne trance scene and many different jazz artists and styles, to name a few.

In 2002, after many hours of writing music together, Tristan Boyle and Dennis Fredericks formed Phat Kontrollerz. Both Dennis and Tristan brought something unique into the project. Dennis has had more than his fair share of listening to techno and house, while Tristan brought his taste in jazz, and psychedelic trance. As a result, a comfortable middle ground was reached. A progressive sound that is sure to please an audience who like it deep, hard, funky and phat.

Phat Kontrollerz have released on Fabula records (Italy), Earthcore DVD (10 years of mayhem), and Zenon Records(Melbourne) with an album expected this year (2008) to be released on Zenon and UP Records.

Tristan has played at many festivals and events as either Phat Kontrollerz or Tristan Boyle. These include Rainbow Serpent (2005, 2003), Earth Dance (2004), Nimbin MardiGrass (2006), Winter Solstice (2004-2007), Earthcore (2003, 2006), Tribeadellic new years eve (2004, 2007), and many more.

Tristan looks forward to performing in other places around the globe, where he wants to captivate his audience and make the dance floor a truly amazing experience.

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