Solar Records Release Schedule 2013

Sneak preview of the upcoming Solar Records release schedule for 2013 :

April : 

1. Rewire -Kryptik – ( Free Solar Records Release)

2. Bubble Time EP – Pspiralife

3. Tripping Triangles EP – Loosefingers

May :

4. Diagonaland EP – Pspiralife & JustinTime

5. Samadi – Solar Records VA Comp  (Grouch, One Tastey Morsel, Pspiralife, Rhythm Nectar + more tba )

June : 6. Adjusting Time EP – JustinTime

June :

7. Neutral Void EP – Poisedon

8. San N Tac EP – San n Tac + MORE TBA SOON!!!!!

Our new website is up and running!

about Welcome Solar community! The new site has a bunch of useful new features including audio players, dedicated Artist and DJ profiles, a complete Releases guide with purchase links and track previews, an events portal, a wonderful gallery which we will try and update regularly (as well as the blog), and some useful links to partners.