Visible Light – E-Nok. OUT NOW!! March 11 2015

☆♡☆ OUT MARCH 11 2015!!
Solar Records is proud to present the debut album from our first international artist E-Nok.
E-Nok aka Rui Trovisco, based in Portugal producing the pure morning psy-prog sound. Keeping true to the power of psy with the emotive floating melodies of progressive. The album clearly showing his passion for flowing psy-prog laced with dashes of time signature changes.
His talented combination of of intelligent arrangement and spacious movement within this album takes you on the journey with the rise of the sun and into the first light of the day.
When the first rays of the sun appear and the mist rises from the dance floor. The morning melodies floating around you, the daylight brings Visible Light. The awareness, the contact, that comes. Eyes meet, as the dancers begin to see one another in the full glory of the morning dust stampede front and centre, that sweet spot.
It starts within.”The lens of the body focuses our attention into a tiny tiny range frequency that science calls Visible Light. ”
A new progressive-psy artist that is not to be missed, E-Nok!
Visible Light will be available on March 11 on Beatport , Bandcamp , iTunes , Spotify and many more sites!
Mastered by Tim Schult @ 4cn Studios.Germany.


E-Nok Album coming out soon

The much anticipated debut release from E-nok , ‘Visual Light’ will be here soon! E-nok, a progressive artist from Portugal will be tantalising our ears with his gorgeous rolling melodic progressive.
His 9 track album is simply divine.
OUT SOON on BEATPORT , iTunes, Spotify, Amazon!

OUT NOW!! Pspiralife – Diagonal Land EP, available on Beatport, iTunes, amazon, Bandcamp and more!

Pspiralife – Diagonal Land EP

Pspiralife is back with yet another epic release, “Diagonaland”, which includes a remix from JustinTime, new to Solar Records. The sounds on this EP represents a dark wasteland of altered and distorted perception where vertical and horizontal planes cease to exist. Navigating this dimension is a challenge but becomes strangely pleasurable if you have the patience to adapt. Will you come back from such a place? With his signature Australian sound of deep twisted progressive tech trance, let Pspiralife help you rock the dancefloor dimensions!