Organic Elements CD – Various Artists

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    Merkaka, Bigfoot, Grouch, Legacy, One Tasty Morsel, Reqium, Tristan Boyle, Unseen Dimensions
Organic Elements CD - Various Artists


1. Merkaba – Wakantanka

2. Deep Connections – Bigfoot

3. Mortacci Tua – Grouch

4.  Tribal Dazed – Legacy

5. One Hit Wonder – One Tasty Morsel

6. Dead Man Walking – Reqium ( Yeti Rmx)

7. Arkitecht – Tristan Boyle

8. Xibalba – Unseen Dimensions


Solar Records to proud to announce the release of their first V.A. “Organic Elements” compiled by Dj Jeannie.This release features some of Australia’s finest progressive artists. Its deep, dusty rolling sound represents the unique “Organic Elements” that make up Australian progressive trance.

Solar Records and Jeannie would like to extend a special thanks to all the artists involved with the making of this cd.Thanks to all the Solar Records Dj’s. Special thanks to the Australian doof community for all your love and support over the many years, and for inspiring this creation to happen. To the Australian and New Zealand producers for writing such kick ass tracks, and sharing with the world our unique and beloved deep n’ dirty doof antics. Special thanks to Zenon, No Qualms, Up, and Air Glow Records. The New Cal,Newy, Regen, Dragon, Brod’s and 3rd Eye crew.

Compiled by Dj Jeannie 
Mastered by Fahad Abdulaal @ 2hz Studios
Artwork by Boni at Crystalotus Creations


Album Art.



This is f*cking awesome!

Lauren (Solar Records fan)

Jeannies years of work on the label really show in this release. All of the tunes are great, with a great array of artists featured. They all have that very distinctive ‘Aussie’ feel to the music. One of my favourites!

Brendan (Solar Records label DJ)