Kryptik – Rewire EP (Free Release )

Kryptik - Rewire EP (Free Release )


  1. 1Kryptik - Your Control
  2. 2Creten - Spiral In The Sky - Kryptik RMX
  3. 3Digital Sun - Kathmandu - Kryptik RMX
  4. 4Kryptik - Mayan Prophecy - Kryptik RMX
  5. 5Kryptik - Difficult Decisions
  6. 6Kryptik - Skitzo Outlook
  7. 7Kryptik - Rewire
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This free release from Solar Records showcasing the best of Kryptik’s journey into producing.

It is a gift from him to you.

“Rewire” is from the concept of when one first experiences the realm of the psychedelic land of a “doof”. It has the effect of a soul being rewired into the earths powers, leaving the dancer to see the world and everything in it though a new perspective.

Kryptik’s driving progressive psytrance sound will bring you in and out of the psychedelic realm. With its rhythmic journey set at the heartbeat of the amazing Hawkesbury River, deep in the Australian bush. A pure representation of the movement of life within ourselves. “Rewire” tracks move between 140 to 144 Bpm with remix tracks from Creten and Digital Sun.

Kryptik would like to thank Solar Records. A special thanks and much love to Jeannie. Cheers to Creten, Ash Suntribe, Calico Bigfoot, Felix Terrafractyl, Foldy and to my Mum and Dad.


Mastering by Felix Greenless aka Terrafractyl, Fractal Sound

Art Work By Clint Grierson

Album Art.

Mayan Prophepsy Cover


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